I’ve caught the ebook bug

I’m getting very busy now that I’ve caught the ebook bug.  On Amazon and Smashwords I just published a self-help ebook called Finnegan’s Way: The Secret Power of Doing Things Badly.  I also plan to publish two more ebooks in the next couple of months.  One will be a thriller called Grace Humiston and the Vanishing.  It’s a novel based on a actual murder investigation in New York City in 1917.

Grace Humiston

The second “ebook” will in fact be a long nonfiction article, tentatively titled The Crime Lawyer, which will tell the true story of Humiston and her exploits.  Also, I’m involved in a project with the executor and the agent of the late hardboiled writer Dan J. Marlowe. We’re going to publish several of Marlowe’s novels as ebooks.

At some point, I will actually publish the biography of Marlowe that I’ve been working on for several years.  So stay tuned.

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    Thanks, I appreciate it.