Lauded by the great Ed Gorman

Sometimes my minor attempts to secure a place in the mystery writing/biography  field reap rewards far beyond my expectations.  That happened recently when the legendary mystery writer Ed Gorman, an incredibly prolific novelist and highly respected editor (who helped produce The Big Book of Noir), called Gunshots in Another Room a “masterpiece.”  It doesn’t get any better than this. Read his review and then the comments. Incredible.


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Lee Goldberg of Diagnosis: Murder Praises GUNSHOTS

I’ve been a fan of Lee Goldberg ever since I picked up one of his books with the mock-hardboiled title My Gun Has Bullets. Funniest title ever. His books, such as Watch Me Die, with a killingly amusing description of Travis McGee, are great. However, he’s best known to the public as a TV writer/producer with credits for Diagnosis: Murder, Monk, Hunter and Spenser: For Hire. Now Goldberg has issued a blush-inducing review of  Gunshots in Another Room, my opus on hardboiled writer Dan J. Marlowe. Thanks, Lee!

Here it is:

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Self-Publishing Can Work!

A very kind review of Gunshots in Another Room by Jessica Argyle on, which originates in the Florida Keys, notes that the book is self-published but says it is quite professionally done. Jessica, author of an intriguing collection of short stories, Arrest Me (before I write again!), says the formatting, organization and editing of the book rival that of books published by traditional houses.  This is gratifying, and a tribute to the cover designer, J.T. Lindroos, and to my editors and friends, Patrick Millikin and Ed Foster.

Here’s a link to Jessica’s review:

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Los Angeles Review of Books calls Marlowe bio “Indispensable.”

Cullen Gallagher, who writes the celebrated blog Pulp Serenade and is an expert on all things pulp, noir and hardboiled, published a very nice review of Gunshots in Another Room: The Forgotten Life of Dan J. Marlowe on the Los Angeles Review of Books. The first part of his column deals with the work of Bill Pronzini, a giant in the field of mystery writing.

Here’s a link to Cullen’s column:

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Rough Edges favors Marlowe bio

James Reasoner, legendary Western writer and author of several of the Mike Shayne private-eye novellas, posts on his Rough Edges blog that Gunshots in Another Room: The Forgotten Life of Dan J. Marlowe is “a fascinating book and definitely one of the best things I’ve read this year.”

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