The Footsteps Die Out Forever

Got an e-mail yesterday from a man named Mark Moore, who is investigating a homicide case  that has haunted him for years: the murder of three young boys on the Gila River Indian Reservation in the summer of 1976.  The boys’ bodies were found near the railroad tracks southeast of Phoenix.  They had been stabbed to death. Mark went to grade school with Richard Chase, the oldest of the three victims. Mark contacted me because I wrote about the case about a decade ago as part of a series on Unsolved Mysteries in Arizona.  If, after all these years, any of you have any information on this case, contact Mark at or send me a message.  I’m not sure I have my notes on the case any more.  If I do, I’ll write more about it in this blog and pass the information to Mark.  A very sad echo from the past.  Here’s the Unsolved Mystery story: